» Merry Christmas

Created on 24.12.2015, 12:10

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback, your suggestions and of course for your financial support.

And I have a Christmas present for you :-) From now on you can get the search results for your saved search terms (in your user account) as a feed. So your feed reader can notify you as soon as an otrkey-file is available on a mirror for download.

» Changes regarding the search

Created on 09.12.2015, 17:08

From now on, search terms containing underscores are no longer split. For example, a search for "Minority_Report_15." was split into 3 terms before: "Minority_ _Report_ _15.". This could lead to unexpected results. Now a search for "Minority_Report_15." finds only those files containing the exact search term.

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» You decided!

Created on 26.11.2015, 23:15

The poll for the new design of the search results has ended. I thank all 396 participants for their votes.

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» What's your opinion?

Created on 25.10.2015, 00:06

I was pointed to the fact that the new search result page looks somehow noisier than the old version. So I decided to create a few new designs with different text- and border-colors.

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» Everything is new!

Created on 30.09.2015, 01:20

Just in time for the 9.685-th birthday the fourth version of is now online!

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