Opt-in to move user account

Published on 2020-04-18 15:06:00

As you may have already noticed: will move to a new owner. Since each user account contains an email address, each user account will only be moved to the new owner if the user explicitly agreed on that. If you want to move your user account to the new owner, you can now change the appropriate setting in your user account until the 10th of May 2020. If you do not agree your user account will be deleted when the website moves to the new owner.

Merry Christmas

Published on 2015-12-24 12:10:06

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback, your suggestions and of course for your financial support. And I have a Christmas present for you :-) From now on you can get the search results for your saved search terms (in your user account) as a feed. So your feed reader can notify you as soon as an otrkey-file is available on a mirror for download.

Changes regarding search

Published on 2015-12-09 17:08:14

(as of 2020, this is not how search works anymore)
From now on, search terms containing underscores are no longer split. For example, a search for "Minority_Report_15." was split into 3 terms before: "Minority_ _Report_ _15.". This could lead to unexpected results. Now a search for "Minority_Report_15." finds only those files containing the exact search term.

Moreover you can now search for an exact tv show. A search for "TVSHOW=X" finds only tv shows with the exact title (the part in the filename before the date) "X". For example a search for "Liebe" finds all tv shows that contain the word "Liebe", but a search for "TVSHOW=Liebe" finds only tv shows that matches the exact title "Liebe".

You decided!

Published on 2015-11-26 23:15:00

The poll for the new design of the search results has ended. I thank all 396 participants for their votes.

Design B5 has won the vote. You will see the new design in the search results from now on. The results of the poll can be found here (link removed).

What's your opinion?

Published on 2015-10-25 00:06:56

I was pointed to the fact that the new search result page looks somehow noisier than the old version. So I decided to create a few new designs with different text- and border-colors.

I created a poll for this topic: Which design should be used in the future? The designs split up in two groups (A and B):
Group B puts otrkeys that belong to the same tv show more together, which results in less horizontal lines.
Both groups contain designs with 5 different color schemes (1 to 5) while color scheme 5 is a combination of the color schemes 3 and 4.
A1 is the current design. A picture paints a thousand words. Here you can find the poll: (link removed). Thanks in advance for your vote!

Everything is new!

Published on 2015-09-30 01:20:52

Just in time for the 9.685-th birthday the fourth version of is now online!

What has changed?
Well, first of all the design. I hope most of you noticed this ;-) But most importantly the website was totally rebuilt from scratch. I tried to implement all wishes you send to me. However due to limited time and incompatibilities some of them could not be realized. How is the search affected by the new website?
First of all the underscore is not treated as whitespace anymore. In OtrkeyFinder version 3 a search for zdf_ returned recordings from ZDFInfo, ZDFNeo etc.. Now only recordings are found that contain zdf_ in the filename. However this would also find the following file which was aired on Phoenix, not ZDF: "ZDF_History_15.09.23_03-45_phoenix_45_TVOON_DE.mpg.mp4.otrkey". But now you can also limit the search to the station, for example: STATION=zdf. The same is true for searches for a specific file format, for example searching for FORMAT=mpg.HQ.avi returns only HQ-files.
You can also exclude search terms now. For example a search for Sting finds recordings that contain the word "Casting". If you want to exclude files that contain the word "Casting" then you can prefix the search term with a dash, for example: Sting -Casting. This is different to the old behavior: in version 3 you could search for -15 to find recordings that were aired at XX:15. Now the same search request would find files that do not contain "15". To overcome this you can surround the search term with quotes: "-15". You can combine the previous mentioned options.
For example you can search for Gotham "-10" -FORMAT=mpg.mp4 to find files that contain "Gotham" and "-10" but not the MP4-version.
Changes for registered users
Mirrors can not be rated anymore: most users did not adhere to the rules and there were also accusations that mirror admins were rating their own mirrors. Now users can add mirrors to their favorite lists. These favorite mirrors are shown on top in the search results. Thus the old mirror-blacklist does not exist anymore.
Due to these changes the terms of use were adapted. You can find the new terms of use in your user account page.
Old browsers like the Internet Explorer 6 to 8 are not supported anymore. The website might still be usable (with limitations) but I recommend using a more recent browser-version. I prefer Chrome/Chromium or FireFox as web browser.
At this point I want to thank all donors for the financial support. I wanted to disable the ads for the donors but I noticed that most donors use different email-addresses for their PayPal- and OtrkeyFinder-account. So if you are a donor, then you can send me an email (from you PayPal-address) which includes your OtrkeyFinder-username. Then I can disable ads for you for some months.
These were the biggest changes. You might find one or two more things that are new :-)
Happy Online TV Recording!

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