Help / Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Online TV Recording work?

(1) First you need to schedule the recording of a tv show at the OnlineTvRecorder before it is aired (see also: What is the OTR?).
(2) After the tv show was aired and converted to an *.otrkey-file you can use to find OTR-mirrors which provide the *.otrkey-file as download (see also: What are *.otrkey-files?).
(3) Then you can download the *.otrkey-file from one of these OTR-mirror-websites.
(4) Before you can watch the recording you need to convert the (encrypted) *.otrkey-file into a playable video file. This can be done using the decoder software which you can download from the website of the OnlineTvRecorder. You may then use Cutlists to automatically remove ads from the recording.

What are *.otrkey-files?

Otrkey-files contain encrypted tv shows that were recorded by the OnlineTvRecorder.

To watch the recording you need to convert the Otrkey-file into a video file (*.avi-, *.mkv or *.mp4-file) using the OTRKey-Decoder.
But you can only decode an Otrkey-file if you scheduled the recording of that tv show at the OnlineTvRecorder before it was aired. If you did not schedule the recording of the tv show you will not be able to decode the Otrkey-file and thus you will not be able to watch the video.

What is the OTR/OnlineTvRecorder?

The OnlineTvRecorder (also referred to as "OTR") is an online tv recorder.

You can use the OnlineTvRecorder to record your favorite tv shows on over 50 different tv stations (Pro7, RTL, RTL2, VOX, Sat.1, ARD, ZDF, 3Sat, MTV, Kabel 1, Arte, BBC, Viva, Kika and more). It works like a video disk or DVD recorder: you tell it which tv show on which station should be recorded and then you need to wait until the tv show was aired.
The advantages are that you can record multiple tv shows simultaneously and that you can manage your recordings from all over the world (given that you have an internet connection).

After the tv show was recorded you can download it as an *.otrkey-file (see also: What are *.otrkey-file?).

What is OtrkeyFinder?

After you recorded a tv show at the OnlineTvRecorder you can download it as an *.otrkey-file.
You have multiple download options:
You can download the *.otrkey-file from the OnlineTvRecorder (using BitTorrent or a direct download from the OTR-website). However the waiting queue is often very long or the download speed is too low.

This is why some guys host these *.otrkey-files on their own websites. These websites are referred to as OTR-mirrors.
These mirrors often provide highspeed downloads and/or a short waiting queue. But not all mirrors provide all *.otrkey-files. The operators of the mirror-websites decide which files are available for download and which are not.
Now there are so many mirror-websites so that it's difficult for a user to keep track of all of them.

This is why OtrkeyFinder exists. OtrkeyFinder is a *.otrkey search engine which you can use to find a mirror-server that provides your *.otrkey-file as download.

What do the icons in the "Top Shows"-list mean?

The icons determine how the position of an Otrkey-file has changed inside the Top-100-list. The meaning of the icons is as follows:

▼▼ The file moved by at least 10 positions down in the list.
The file moved down in the list.
neu The file is new in the list.
The file moved up in the list.
▲▲ The file moved by at least 10 positions up in the list.
"No icon" means that the position of the file has not changed.

I have problems with the download. Who can I contact?

OtrkeyFinder does not provide any downloads but instead links to mirror-websites from which the *.otrkey-files can be downloaded. If you have problems downloading a file you need to contact the operator of the mirror-website from which you try to download the file. In most cases you can find contact information on the mirror-website's "Contact"- or "About"-Page.

I have problems decoding an *.otrkey-file. What can I do?

If the *.otrkey-file is corrupted you can download the file from another mirror and try to decode this one. If the problem remains or if you have another decoder-problem then you can contact the operator of the OnlineTvRecorder which create the *.otrkey-files and provide the OTRKey-decoder software.

I have problems with the premium-account. Who can I contact?

There are no premium-accounts at OtrkeyFinder. If you have problems with your premium-account on one of the mirror-websites or if you have problems with the premium-status at OnlineTvRecorder then you need to contact the operator of the respective website.

I am the operator of an OTR-mirror. What can I do so that OtrkeyFinder finds it?

If you want that OtrkeyFinder shows your mirror in the search results then you need to register the mirror-server. Therefore you need a user account. After login you can use the user menu to navigate to the mirror administration page where you can add, delete and edit your mirror websites.